All of the important seo tools for promotion of a site easily, by yourself.

  • All the tools that every web promoter or a website owner needs in order to promote their website correctly. If web promoting your website
  • yourself interests your, this tool might be for you!
  • We have collected all of the essential tools in promoting your website online.
  • Targeted key word research in your field of work.
  • Analyzing and reviewing your site by the required SEO standards.
  • An effective and efficient link building system for promoting your website.
  • A system that monitors your opponents’ work online.
  • Monitoring viral topics in your field of work online.
  • Social media rates in your field of work
  • Marketing analysis for a correct and effective activity online.

DIY Seo For Small Business

DIY Seo For Small Business

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Website analysis, keywords research, and what’s in between

מחקר מילות מפתח

A great tool for DIY Seo keyword planner research

  • The DIY web promotion tool is fantastic for key word research in order to gain insight on the most profitable terms and key words for you.
  • Synchronization from Google Search Console and receiving suggestions for key words that weren’t used before in your site.
  • Which terms is your competition using? Key word suggestions from your competitors’ websites.

Using this Seo keyword planner research tool that was created just for you, you can easily improve your website and market it better; finding the right key words for your business will increase your exposure online and your visitor count significantly.

SEO DIY dissecting tools for identifying issues in your website

  • A deep analysis of your website in order to locate different issues and alerts, and simultaneously receive helpful and detail advice about your website’s performance.
  • DIY web promotion includes analysis of every single page in your website for optimal appearance of your chosen keywords which covers all of the important spots for SEO.
  • Website check and optimizing it for mobile devices. Performing a mobile optimization report, and locating weak points, and fixing them, which moves your site up in the mobile search result order on mobile devices.

זיהוי שגיאות באתר

ניתוח קישורים פנימיים

Analyzing the internal links in your website

  • Internal links in your website, which include helpful information that assists you in focusing your website and creating a unified theme, which helps you receive the most searches that relate to your field of work.
  • Checking and dissecting your page quality (Authority) in order to see which of the website pages has the most meaning and authority for the search engine.
  • Dissecting landing pages in order to locate new opportunities for growing your pages’ visibility on different search engines

This DIY Seo tool makes your websites internal link formation more efficient, which influences directly on your websites visibility on different search engines.

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A technical SEO website audit tool

A tool for checking errors that hurt the user interface and cause the visitors of your website to leave it earlier than expected.
A tool which gives specific information for improving and turning your site into an optimal, error free website, both for your visitors and for the search engine.

A sitemap generator for creating a sitemap (sitemap.xml)

Sitemap.xml is an xml file which holds all of the website addresses, in order of their importance, and sometimes includes a command which determines the routine in which the search engine indexes each page. This tool is extremely important for search engines.

A sitemap generator tool for creating an automatic sitemap, for Google, Bing and more. Regular and constant monitoring of the indexed pages in the different search engines.

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DIY Seo Backlink Checker

Monitoring and spying on your competitors

Spy on competitors keywords
Best spy tool for locating quality backlinks that your competitors use, in order to better understand their marketing strategy.
Identifying the competition level in the result pages of different search engines, and by a market survey in your field.
Locating pages with high PR which might receive links from your website.

A Seo spy tool for monitoring your competition will assist you in building a quality link strategy for your website.

מעקב וניטור קבוע של קישורים נכנסים

כלי למעקב שוטף וקבוע, של הקישורים הנכנסים לאתר שלכם.
אם הקישור הופך ללא יעיל מסיבות שונות (NoFollow, נחסם מאיזו סיבה, או הופך לקישור רעיל), תתקבל התראה מיידית,

כלי לרישום האתר שלך למנועי חיפוש, ספריות, קהילות בלוגים ועוד…

More than 80 niche sites, directories and websites.
More than 30 different search engines.
More than 30 local websites and directories
Adding your website to shopping search engines

Completing your business marketing strategy by Submission to local and global directories, content and media sharing sites, Submission to e Commerce websites and more…

Seo Monitoring of Backlinks Tool

A tool for checking the quality of backlinks to your site, locating “toxic links” and unnatural links which target your site.
Locating domains and other sites from which your site receive the highest quality of backlinks.
Locating and dissecting pages, in order to identify who is related to your field by content and can be a valuable link to you.
Analyzing a variety of key words in your field including diversions and errors, for quality text links.
What are the most linked pages in your site, and cataloging the “strongest” pages by links.
Where does your site stand in relation to your competition in the amount of backlinks.

How to get rid of “toxic links” and how to strengthen your link profile in relation to your opponents.

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Maximize Your Visibility on Social Media

Social media engagement monitoring tool

Monitoring the engagement on social media that yield you the most traffic to your site, on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Pinterest.
Analyzing your competitors’ activity online, in order to get a real evaluation of your brand online.
Maximizing the effectiveness of the traffic to your site online.

To learn how to follow effectively after your social media performance and improving the results.

Facebook Insights Tool

The investment in Facebook seems impossible and infinite. With this tool, you can learn and find new insights that fit your needs, in order to create quality content that will create more traffic to your website.
Monitoring your Facebook net growth, including demographic data of your customer base.
Monitoring the current “Hot” topics that your competitors use.
Finding the right content that your customers will like and respond positively to.

This Facebook insights tool will provide new insights into your Facebook marketing strategy.

A tool for monitoring your reputation on social media

Monitoring your brand reputation on news sites and blogs are essential in your field
A social buzz check for key words from your choice to keep a close watch on your social media indices.

Internet Marketing Analysis

Search Engine Website Ranking Tool

A Rank check in more than 300 different search engines, local or global.
Finding leading competition on the search engine by keywords.
A result and effectiveness evaluating tool on social media.
Comparing your ranking to your competitors’.
Keyword tagging tool, good for promoting sites in a high number of keywords.

Receive monitoring of all the rankings of you and your competitors online, including computer, laptop and mobile search results of photos, videos, news, articles and promotional campaigns.

Competitor Analysis Tools

Tracking and monitoring your competitors’ traffic on their website and evaluating the amount of yours and theirs potential clients.
A link profile of the visitors to your site in relation to your competitors.
Ranking your competition on different search engines, by popularity and using key words of your choice.

Monitor your competitions’ performance in order to act quickly and surpass them.

Analysis and website tracking tool

Connecting your account to a google analytics account, the perfect combination which will give you all of the above data.
Receive traffic data to your website by Alexa and receive the most vital data for monitoring and analyzing visitor activity on your website and on your competitors’