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Google advertising management done only with a certified google agency: SEO-S

Building and managing your campaign, advertising with a certified Google advertising agency promises you: Transparency of information, which influences decision making related to your campaign, and all of your analytical information stays with you in real time.

Caution, conflict of interests – We have complete separation between the payment for the traffic to the paid website to Google, and the payment for our work

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Analyzing visitor traffic in your website

Many important portals sell advertising space for a very high price. Have you ever been tempted to invest part of your advertising budget on banners on these websites, does it work?
You’ve received data that showed you graphs with great results, thousands of exposures, hundreds of clicks on your banner.

Is this data real and trustworthy? Have you invested your advertising budget on a campaign that didn’t yield any results?

The person who sells you media marketing in this or that website is NEVER the right man for you to understand if your campaign is effective and yields results.
Is there a tool that gives you constant data about the goings on in your website, even in real time?

Monitoring using an assortment of tools

There’s a basic tool everybody knows called “Google Analytics”, which gives you a basic image about the happenings in your website. But it is not enough for business owners who want to know in great detail what the visitors to their websites are doing. You might want a real time alert when a visitor makes a certain action in your website, and the information that can be collected on your website is nearly unlimited.
You need an expert that can analyze all that data for you, in order to turn all that raw data into effective tools that grant you a deeper understanding of your ROI.

From now, you can receive comprehensive and crucial information about visitor behavior in your website, success or failure of certain campaigns, the importance of traffic from social media and other information that will progress your marketing strategy forward.

Web Site Visitor Monitoring – How it works

First Web Meeting

A characterization meeting in which we will discuss and receive the majority of the information about your marketing and sales array, active campaigns if there’s any.

Tool implementation

The first step in the actions we take is the implementation of our tools in your website, in order to start collecting the data. After the first monitoring a report will be made about the current state of your website and your visitor traffic.

Monitoring and tracking

After receiving the basic information we’ll define together with you your marketing goals, and find the right funnels that yield results, and it is equally important which of the marketing channels drain from you and don’t help you.

Implementing the proper changes

Implementing the proper changes in your website or the different marketing channels, according to our monitoring results. Sometimes there will be a need to change some of the content or formatting according to our goals and recommendations.

Tracking and Analyzing

With the release of your campaign we enter our first trial period, in which we monitor your campaign and your competitors in order to make sure that we are on the right track, and making the necessary changes if there’s a need.

Management and Optimization

Managing and optimizing your campaign constantly is important in order to better your performance according to your marketing goals, creating performance reports constantly for you and recommendations for improvement, finding new advertising channels in order to make your ROI bigger.